Cheat game Grand Theft Auto Vice City

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Start the game and type any one of those cheats (without “”) when playing the game.

Code           Result
“MONEYMONEY” – get 1000$
“JOBDONE”    – Current mission completed
“LIONARE”    – Always get 100% of health

Update by: arihant arya
Update by: Sreekanth.A.R.R
Update by: kareem nabil
Update by: Nirav
Update by: mohammad assaad
Update by: Davy Stolk

Submitted by: BXR na wp

Start the game and type any one of those cheats when playing the game.

Cheat                        Result
General Cheats
THUGSTOOLS                 – All Level1 Weapons
PROFESSIONALTOOLS          – All Level2 Weapons
NUTTERTOOLS                – All Level3 Weapons
ASPIRINE                   – Full Health
FANNYMAGNET                – Ladies Magnet (women follow you)
YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE         – Higher Wanted Level
LEAVEMEALONE               – No Wanted Level
ICANTTAKEITANYMORE         – Commit Suicide
youcantleavemealone        – can’t die
fullcitypeoplemines        – buy full city
freewayforangeljoy         – Get 100 bikes
americahelicopter          – get ahunter helicopter
flyingways                 – get a aeroplane dodo or kimo
DEMONSPEED                 – makes faster the whole city including Tommy
leavemealone               – No Police

Character Skin Cheats
PROGRAMMER                 – Skinny arms and legs
STILLLIKEDRESSINGUP        – Random Change of Clothes
CERTAINDEATH               – Smoke a cigarette
CHEATSHAVEBEENCRACKED      – Play as Ricardo Diaz
LOOKLIKELANCE              – Play as Lance Vance
MYSONISALAWYER             – Play as Ken Rosenberg
LOOKLIKEHILARY             – Play as Hilary King
ROCKANDROLLMAN             – Play as Love Fist character Jezz Torent
WELOVEOURDICK              – Play as Love Fist character Dick
ONEARMEDBANDIT             – Play as Phil Cassidy.
IDONTHAVETHEMONEYSONNY     – Play as Sonny Forelli.
FOXYLITTLETHING            – Play as Mercedes

Vehicle Spawn Cheats
PANZER                     – Spawns a Rhino
TRAVELINSTYLE              – Spawns a Bloodring Banger
GETTHEREQUICKLY            – Spawns Bloodring Banger#2
GETTHEREFAST               – Spawns a Sabre Turbo
GETTHEREVERYFASTINDEED     – Spawns a Hotring Racer
GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST      – Spawns Hotring Racer#2
THELASTRIDE                – Spawns a Romero’s Hearse
ROCKANDROLLCAR             – Spawns Love Fist’s Limo
RUBBISHCAR                 – Spawns a Trashmaster
BETTERTHANWALKING          – Spawns a Caddie

Vehicle Cheats
Update by: CyberWolf

AIRSHIP                    – Ships have flying ability
BIGBANG                    – Blows up all nearby vehicles
MIAMITRAFFIC               – Aggressive Traffic
AHAIRDRESSERSCAR           – All Pink Vehicles
IWANTITPAINTEDBLACK        – All Black Vehicles
COMEFLYWITHME              – Vehicles have flying ability
GRIPISEVERYTHING           – Better Vehicle Handling
GREENLIGHT                 – All Traffic Lights are green
SEAWAYS                    – Vehicles drive on water
WHEELSAREALLINEED          – Makes only vehicle wheels visible
LOADSOFLITTLETHINGS        – Sportscars have bigger wheels

Weather Cheats
ALOVELYDAY                 – Clear Weather
APLEASANTDAY               – Lightly Clouded
ABITDRIEG                  – Dense Clouds
CANTSEEATHING              – Foggy Weather
CATSANDDOGS                – Stormy Weather

Miscellaneous Cheats
LIFEISPASSINGMEBY          – Speeds up Game Clock
ONSPEED                    – Makes everything faster
BOOOOOORING                – Makes everything slower
FIGHTFIGHTFIGHT            – Aggressive Pedestrians
NOBODYLIKESME              – Everybody wants to kill you
OURGODGIVENRIGHTTOBEARARMS – Pedestrians carry weapons
CHICKSWITHGUNS             – Only Female Peds carry weapons
CHASESTAT                  – Shows Media Level


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